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How to order the correct size

There is just one measurement that is vital to know when replacing your watchstrap, the watch lug size. Fortunately this is easy to find. Just follow one of the options below. Please note all sizes shown on our website are in MM.

Option 1
Check for the size markings on the underside of your current watchstrap.

Option 2
Measure the watch lug size with a metric based ruler or tape measure.

Short part length (A)
The short part length is the length of the strap piece that holds the buckle.

Long part length (B)
The long part length is the length of the long strap piece that contains the holes.

Buckle size (C)
The width of buckle.

Watch lug size (D)
The width of the lug – the section that holds the strap in pace via a spring bar.

The thickness of the strap at its thickest point.

The taper measurement is the difference between the watch lug width and the buckle width of the short part length.

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