Classic calf: A timeless classic, remborde edge calf, available in four colour options. Stitched and semi padded. Beautifully finished with a nubuck lining.

Note: We also stock our classic Windsor watchstrap in Standard and XXL sizes.




Classic Calf

Strap Colour*

, , , , ,

Length (long part/short part)

Black and Brown: Ladies:115mm/95, Gents:135mm/85mm
Other colours: Ladies:115/85mm Gents:135/85mm


Ladies 2.0mm
Gents 2.2mm

Tapers (watch/buckle)

8/8mm, 10/8mm, 11/8mm, 12/10mm, 13/10mm, 14/12mm, 16/14mm, 17/14mm, 18/16mm, 19/16mm, 20/18mm (Black, Brown & Tan) 20/16mm (White)



Buckle Colour


*Due to the tanning process strap colours may vary slightly from those pictured.
Watches pictured throughout this website are for illustration purposes only and are not included with any purchase.

Windsor XL


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See our simple guide to ordering the correct sized watchstrap for your watch.

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